"There are many at-risk kids in our communities and I contribute when I can."
- Eileen P., Mattapan, MA

Donor Testimonials

Most people who donate to the BBBS Foundation do so not just once, but many times! Read what some of our donors have to say about their experience with us:

"There are many at-risk and needy kids in this country and I contribute when I can." - Eileen P., Mattapan, MA

"BBBS consistently sends postcards and never misses a pick-up. Donating items is mainly a matter of convenience." - Diane T., Brighton, MA

"You make it so easy to help and it helps me clean out my house!!" - Elizabeth S., Brighton, MA

"I just couldn't believe how easy it was!" - Terri C., Medway, MA

"It feels good to know that what is no longer useful to me will be useful to someone else who needs it!" - Amy Y., Marshfield, MA

"The services you offer are for a great cause." - Vicky O., Franklin, MA

"The convenience and the communications are good. It is very well handled and very easy." - Roberta S., Wilmington, MA

"It is so convenient to have stuff picked up. I never have to call, they are always there promptly. They are efficient and don't leave any things hanging around." - Michelle C., Milford, MA

"I just like that they can use the stuff that I don't need and I get a tax deduction. Plus they pick it up. What more could you want?" - Mary L., Dedham, MA