Thank You!

Thank you for setting up your donation pickup with the Greg Hill Foundation. Please make a note that your pickup is scheduled for:

Donation pickups for the Greg Hill Foundation are conducted by Donation Centers of New England. Rest assured that your donation does indeed generate funding for the Greg Hill Foundation.

Donation Pickup Guidelines:

  • Please have your items ready by 7am on the date of the pickup
  • Please leave your items visible from the street. Mark your bags and boxes “GHF”. Our drivers will take only those bags/boxes marked.
  • If you choose to leave your items on your porch, please mark each bag and box “GHF”.
  • Please note that our drivers cannot come into your home, your back yard or back porch.
  • If you live in an apartment or condo complex, please leave your items in the lobby or at/near the front entrance.
  • Please place clothing (all sizes, gender and type) and shoes in plastic bags (they can be packed together) and housewares in boxes. If you are donating glassware, please pack your items carefully so they do not break on the trip back to our warehouse.
  • We can take up to three small boxes of books per pickup. Please, no encyclopedias or magazines. Boxes of books must be small enough for a driver to lift and place on the truck. We can also take record albums and cd/dvd provided they are packed in boxes.
  • We also take musical instruments, knick-knacks, toys and jewelry.
  • Due to current disposal legislation, we cannot accept mattresses, electronics, furniture or construction materials.
  • If you’d like to receive pickup alerts by text, please make sure to enter your mobile phone number into the pickup page.

Please direct questions to 508-466-4592 or